Yanik Ethier

Actor | Speaker | High Performance Coach 

Bringing structure to the creative and creativity to the structured...

as your Certified High Performance Coach™ and Creativity Coach.

Creativity. Community. Courage.

"Um... what exactly do you do, you say?"

Glad you ask. I bring almost 20 years of experience as a creative professional and 4 years of intense study in human optimization.  

I'm the actor that reunites you with your creative genius. I help you uncover the power of self-expression, build systems that cultivate your creativity, and help you write an empowering story for your brand. 

I'm also the High Performance Coach that will help you raise your levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence so you can experience emanant creativity.  

In short, I bring structure to the creative and creativity to the structured.

"Uhhh... what is a wild coach?"

Glad you asked. This Wild Coach explores the wilderness in and in-between chaos and order to better serve you. 

Ok, fine. In plain English, I help creative professionals develop High Performance Habits to better support their creativity and entrepreneurs develop Creative Habits to unlock their business’ full potential. 

In short, I bring structure to the creative and creativity to the structured.

How do I do this? As your Creativity Coach I bring 15 years of experience as a professional actor, producer, writer, and multidisciplinary artist. I’ve been back-and-forth from the extreme of strict discipline and high-efficiency to that of free-flow and creativity more times than I count. I understand the value of being at the edges of these different modes of operation as well as navigating the balance between.

As artists, we need a solid structure in our lives to support the oftentimes chaotic creative process.

As entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we need habits and rituals that cultivate and preserve our creativity in order to continually grow our businesses.

And as your Certified High Performance Coach™ I’m packing the highest-rated coaching process in the world.

I’m your corpus collosum; the bridge between your critical and creative mind. 

What IS High Performance Coaching, you say?

In all seriousness, it's the bomb-diggity-boo of coaching curriculums. It's the highest-rated coaching process in the world partly because it is research-driven, results-oriented, and proven to have helped CEOs, actors, musicians, Olympic athletes, and more.

If you want to achieve more in three months than you did in the last year, and see results quickly, this program is for you.

We'll explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life by focusing on five key areas: Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Courage, and Influence.

The most successful people in every area of life and work have mastered command of these five areas.

Silence your excuses and let's get you started on your path to achieving more than you thought was possible.



Certified High Performance Coach™, Yanik Ethier

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Dive deep into the revolutionary science-based 12-step curriculum that is Certified High Performance Coaching. 


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Have your team reap the benefits of Group CHPC and see significant levels of improvement in your company's communication, output, and well-being. 


Motivational Speaking

Yanik BRINGS THE FIRE! Watch him channel decades of stage and storytelling experience through his unique methods.


Yanik Ethier

Actor. Speaker. High Performance Coach.

Yanik Ethier is a Certified High Performance Coach™, a public speaker, an actor, an online educator, and a producer focused on delivering "conscious entertainment” to his audience. 

In more than 15 years in the entertainment industry, Yanik has written, directed, produced, and performed in films, tv shows, commercials, video-games, plays, and live events. In early 2017, at the onset of a new phase in his life, he felt his art needed to serve a greater purpose. 

This launched him on a quest to learn from the world’s greatest thought leaders… directly. Tons of travel, seminars, and retreats later, duty called upon him to occupy the spaces of “edutainment", speaking, and coaching. 

Today, Yanik helps creative professionals develop high performance habits to boost and nurture their creativity and, on the flipside, he helps entrepreneurs develop creative habits to disrupt their rigidity and limiting patterns. He also shares his story through hilarious presentations on the topics of self-forgiveness, pushing through pain, and the traps of our subconscious programs. 

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bringing structure to the creative and creativity to the structured

Authentic, visceral and phenomenal! Yanik Ethier's presence on screen is powerful. His eyes, his gestures, and his dialogue with Scott Hawes – playing his brother – are incredible. He makes the viewer hooked on his seat. Blood Only gives Ethier's groundbreaking fighting skills a better opportunity to flourish

Yanik is the type to express himself clearly, and to transmit a message and emotions without even saying a word. He makes you wonder simply through his body language and his look

Yanik is a unique character with high energy, acting skills, and tremendous life experience. Put all this together you get raw inspiring stories


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