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The Distance 013 - Advice For The Artist

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

This diatribe was inspired by the idea that Creativity is probably the last thing to leave us before we transcend to the Great Beyond. It makes sense. Creativity stems from a source that's greater than us, an elusive force that comes and goes. I believe its elusiveness can be minimized with a steady practice - cultivating empty space in our busy lives to nurture a relationship with our Creativity.

A funny thing happened while thinking about this idea. While on the bus on the morning of Tuesday, March 13th, I reflected of the power that Creativity has. How quickly it can affect our emotions, alter our moods, and inspire our passion. In the depths of my daydreaming I was creating a scene in my head where I defiantly pump my fists in the air screaming: "They can take my money. They can take my self-esteem, my confidence, my pride. They can beat me down all they want but THEY CAN NEVER TAKE MY CREATIVITY!!!"

Then, in a moment of connective brilliance, I thought what better example of this idea than the author and theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. Here was a guy who kept his cultivating his creativity, imagination, and intelligence as everything else on his human body was failing. What a great testament to the point I'm trying to make. I thought I had made a good connection there but it was just a small example and the idea/article/video itself has nothing to do with Dr. Hawking or his legacy. It was just a reference. And then, of course, like most artists, I resisted making this video right away. I left it in my journal knowing I had my next episode's theme but didn't feel the need to publish it right away.

The next morning, to my surprise, the news of Dr. Stephen Hawking's death was all over social media. May he rest in peace. I know this may come off as a very minuscule and meaningless coincidence against the massive complexity of our physical universe (the Dr. would most likely agree here) but I felt compelled to publish this not only to honour the great physicist's life (this video is in no way an ode to him, his mention is a mere footnote) but more importantly for me to honour my creative process. Whether it was synchronicity or divine intervention, a connection I could not possibly ignore was made during my creative process and I had to honour that.

As for more and better creative insights? I can chill. It will come. My duty is simply to show up to the page.

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