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The Distance 008 - Inspiration Is A Monster

I was so inspired by all the beautiful #rollingstones I met at MindValley U in Barcelona I just had to let them know how much they inspired me (#findyourtribe). Since I first listened to a Tool album at the age of 15, inspiration has been my drug of choice. I CRAVED awe and wonder and thought it hard to find in my small hometown. This led me to discover wonderful music. Music that would transport me to other places. My love for music will die along with my body. Or, perhaps not. Who knows what modern science will do? All the same, nowadays, people and places can also leave me awe-struck. My mind and eyes are wider open because, along with #inspiration, I now make time to cultivate #gratitude. What inspires you? What are you grateful for? It's rewarding to ask yourself these questions daily.

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