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The Distance 005 - A Little SNAP! To Your Friday.

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Here's a video I made back in Spring of 2017 for a dear friend of mine's birthday. If you guys don't know who la #quirellanadiense, I encourage you to follow her on social media. Unlike the character in this video, she actually has MAD skills. She's also a #nutritherapist, #artist, and #entrepreneur.(

To me, this video is a constant reminder of two things, a) how much easier it is to create and b) how greater the creation will be when its creation is motivated by the heart. On the day of this video's creation, I found myself frozen in time, completely involved in the creative process, and repeatedly laughing out loud by myself at myself. My goal was to make my friend laugh on her birthday. Mission accomplished, don't you think?

With her permission I later released this video as Episode #5 of my Youtube show, #thedistance ( Being the great #selfless soul that she is, there was no way she was gonna keep it all to herself. Hope you enjoy! #justdoyou

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