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Hey hey! If you are new to performing in front of the camera, here are some awesome tips for you to get an edge and outshine your competition. In this video, I breakdown performing-for-the-camera into three areas: the technological, the technical, and the spiritual. Enjoy and APPLY these tips!


[00:00] Introduction

[01:21] Video Breakdown

[01:36] The Technological Aspects

[01:42] Control the Backdrop

[03:39] Keep the Lighting Simple

[04:30] Gotta Have Good Sound Recording

[04:46] Any Camera Will Do, But Some Are Better

[05:38] The Technical Aspects

[06:00] Teleprompters Can Affect Your Performance

[06:53] Get Good At Cold-reading

[08:34] Develop Public Speaking Skills

[10:33] Work With Your "Good" Side

[12:11] Edit To Keep The Up Energy

[13:00] The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

[13:45] The Spiritual Aspects

[13:50] Bring The Fire

[14:48] Bring The Music

[15:08] Be Specific About Who You're Talking To       


Thanks for watching!

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