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“I find it remarkable how, with this overload of information, some of us still fail to see that we’re all in this shit together and we all just might be secretly seeking the same thing: that unique, unmarked, unchecked brick on the wall where we can tag : I WAS HERE.”

Seeking evolution from the truth in every role, perpetuating knowledge and inspiring change through every performance, dedicating his talents to the mythic power of storytelling, Yanik Ethier lives for his art.  Perfectly bilingual in French and English, Yanik studied theatre in Ottawa, film in Montreal, and is now making Vancouver the grounds for his next project.

With thirteen years dedicated to the stage, he has recently turned his attention to film and made his big-screen debut in Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk as The Mysterious Visitor. On Television, he can be seen in Bravo’s 19-2, APTN’s Mohawk Girls, Syfy’s Being Human, and Investigation Discovery’s true crime series Fatal Vows. His work has also been featured in various short film festivals through Please, Breathe Lucy (28th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market, Toronto’s Wild Sound Festival, and Montreal’s Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival) and Der Untermensch (2013 Festival de Cannes’ Film Market and Short Film Corner, the Fantasia Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival). 

His most memorable on-stage roles are Mr. Hardlong in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s The Grace Of Mary Traverse, Sheriff Carroll in Jensen and Blank’s The Exonerated, and Howard in Leah Jane Esau’s Living Room. Dark. He also wrote, produced and acted in two critically acclaimed one-man shows, I Wish I Was Freddy Dylan Etheridge and Serving Something.

Inspiration. Creativity. Innovation. Evolution. 

Casting in Quebec? Contact Cha Cha da Vinci at da Vinci Talent, 514-523-9106, chacha@davincitalent.com

Casting in Vancouver? Contact him personally as he is as of yet unrepresented.




The last 6 years condensed in 3 and a half minutes thanks to the fierce music of Micah Zumar (Fall Of Knowledge), Pierre-Luc Boucher's editing talents (pierre-luc.ca), and everyone with whom I've collaborated on this journey.


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Shake Weight Commercial





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  • It's

    “Isn’t it unmindful to say mind over matter when mind is matter?” MIND_fric by Yanik Ethier

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The Walk


Police Scientifique II

Being Human

Fatal Vows

Starving Artist

La Valise

Please Breathe, Lucy

Mike’s Place

Too Tall

All I Long For


The Evolution of Evan

Creature of Habit

Mysterious Visitor / Actor

Intervention 2 / Principal

Enquêteur / Actor

Security Guard / Actor

Micheal / Principal

Casting Assistant / Actor

The Entrepreneur / Lead

John / Lead

Dave / Principal

FBI Agent / Actor

The Boyfriend / Lead

Le Producteur / Lead

Evan / Lead

Michael / Lead

Robert Zemeckis / No Net Productions

Louis Choquette / Production 19-2 Inc.

Julie Allaire / Avanti Ciné Vidéo Inc.

Jeff Renfroe / BH4 (Muse) Productions

Sid Zanforlin / CMJ Productions

Wong & Alsip / Best Before Productions

Laz Burke / Kayak Media

Kays Mejri / Lakshya Enterprises

Mikaela Davies / Desert Island Productions

Ivan Peric / SEI Films

Jock MacDonald / Best Before Productions

Max Coté / Les Productions Dudoidanl’

Annas Dabbas / Annas Dabbas Productions

Richard Parks / Parktown Productions

Living Room. Dark.

Serving Something

The Exonerated

The Shape of Things

The Grace of Mary Traverse

I Wish I Was Freddy Dylan Etheridge

The Cherry Orchard


The Bourgeois Gentleman


Frederick Etheridge

Male Ensemble 1


Mr. Hardlong, Jack

Freddy Dylan


Dead Man

The Philosophy Master

Stuart Fink / InFurnace Theatre

Kim Nelson / Phaedrus Farms

Kent McQuaid / Third Eye Ensemble

Mikaela Davies / Xposed Productions

Patricia Tedford / OSSD Productions

Steven Vincelli / Phaedrus Farms

Jordan Dupuis / Algonquin Theatre

Ilona Jones / Algonquin Theatre

Catherine Kenney / Algonquin Theatre


Big Guy

In A Flash

Army Of Two





Webzen, Korea

Agile Entertainment

Agile Entertainment

Electronic Arts

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